The reasons of our company success and perpetual growth lie in our hard work and our expertise!

About Kremer Contracting

Kremer Contracting

Kremer Contracting provides superior construction services accompanied with professional customer interaction. Along with our customers, we care about the details and high integrity work. We practice efficient building techniques and industry innovations, resulting in outstanding rewards to home investment.

Kremer Contracting

As the largest high altitude desert in North America, the San Luis Valley presents a unique set of challenges to both builders and homeowners. Drastic temperature swings and high winds are the norm. These diverse weather patterns will work for you or against you depending on the contractor you choose.

My name is James Millar and I founded Kremer Contracting in 2013. In early 2000 I began the construction trades as an apprentice in Denver where I worked on small residential projects ranging to massive commercial skyscrapers. Transitioning to Eagle county Colorado, I worked as a subcontractor completing an array of projects on multi-million dollar homes. I then moved my building business to the San Luis Valley to enjoy the higher quality of life offered here. My genetics are deeply rooted in construction with origins in Scotland and furniture making in New Hampshire.   

Kremer Contracting

Kremer Contracting caters to all aspects of construction but we specialize in complete building packages from start to finish. We offer competitive pricing however we do not compromise high standards by taking shortcuts to lower the price. I have opted to keep my company small in order to oversee quality construction methods. Differentiating from the larger corporate companies, I refuse to sacrifice excellence for growth and quick profits. The difference between a good contractor and a poor contractor is often buried in the skeleton of a build that the customer may never see. By practicing efficient building techniques and using modern materials we provide our customers with superior yields on their investment. Our completed builds offer new homeowners savings on energy costs, and provide creature comforts and contemporary features that our competitors in this rural area of Colorado exclude. As the owner, I am on site every day and work along side with my tradesman and subcontractors. This ensures work is completed in accordance with our business model and our customers are the priority.